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Why Children and Youth Should Visit a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a well-known go-to for adults and seniors alike. But what about children and youth? Is physiotherapy appropriate for these ages?

From helping your child overcome an injury to the prevention of injuries and reducing growing pains, a physiotherapist can play a vital role in your child’s development and health. So, let’s dive into this topic a little further. When should your child or teen visit a physiotherapist? What should you know?

Why Do Kids Need Physiotherapy?

Children and youth may require physiotherapy for a variety of reasons. In fact, your child’s doctor might suggest it if your child is experiencing certain health or developmental issues. Below, we explore the seven most common reasons kids and youth can benefit from physiotherapy.

1. Growing Pains

Growing pains can occur anytime during childhood and adolescence. With growth spurts and development, various pains, discomforts, and imbalances can arise. Luckily, physiotherapy can help correct any biomechanical problems and ease any discomfort. This is done via stretches, strengthening exercises, and other techniques. 

2. Injury Prevention

If your child is physically active in sports, injury prevention should always be top of mind. While kids tend to bounce back faster than adults, there are some childhood injuries that can lead to various pain and more in adulthood. Thus, the first line of defense should be preventing them altogether. 

A physiotherapist has the knowledge, resources, and tools to help your child learn how to prevent injuries, as well as offer them exercises to strengthen vulnerable or weak areas. If your child is beginning a new sport or leveling up to a more competitive level, they may benefit from a physiotherapy session to help them make that physical transition as easy and seamless as possible. 

Physiotherapists can even prescribe exercises to help your child develop the coordination and skills they need to excel at a particular sport.

3. Injury & Pain Treatment

If your child experiences a sprain or any other injury, physiotherapy can be part of their treatment plan, effectively guiding them toward a full recovery. In conjunction with this, your physiotherapist can help educate them on how to prevent future or recurring injuries in the future.

4. Specific Conditions

Physiotherapy can further be part of a regular management program for illnesses or conditions that impact your child, such as scoliosis, plagiocephaly, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy disorders, weight challenges, and more. A physiotherapist will work one-on-one with your child, helping them get the most out of their life despite their health condition.

5. Weight & Exercise Advice

The health of your child is essential for them growing into a healthy and full-functioning adult. A physiotherapist can help your child learn about healthy habits, such as physical activity, and help them develop them so that they can carry a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. 

For example, a physiotherapist can educate your child on different types of exercises and how to perform certain exercises that are pertinent to them and their life.

6. Navigating Physical Disabilities

A physiotherapist, combined with an occupational therapist, can help your child overcome physical disabilities and learn other ways to perform daily tasks. In addition, a physiotherapist can help your child obtain optimal health through physical activity, despite any limitations.

7. Post-Surgery Recovery

If your child requires surgery for whatever reason, a physiotherapist can help them regain strength and improve movement and function. More specifically, a physiotherapist can help your child recover after orthopedic surgeries involving the muscles, bones, joints, and nerves. 

If you’re hunting for a physiotherapist that can help your entire family, Corydon Physiotherapy is here for you. We have vast experience working with all ages, ensuring your entire family obtains optimal health and wellness. Book your appointment with our expert team today. 

Kelly Milan, BMR, PT, Cred. MDT
Kelly Milan, BMR, PT, Cred. MDT

Kelly graduated from physiotherapy at the University of Manitoba in 1991. He joined The Corydon Physiotherapy Team in 1991 and became the director and owner in 1997. He sold the Clinic to Melanie and Garret Klos, physiotherapists on April 1, 2019. Kelly is happy to be able to focus on full time patient care now. Kelly always had a special interest in physiotherapy since his teen years when his father had physiotherapy for a shoulder injury.

Kelly completed his credentialling examination and is certified in McKenzie mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the spine (2002). Writing articles and research has always been a special interest. Kelly has published articles and reviewed publications in peer-reviewed international physiotherapy journals including "The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy" and “The Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America”. He also contributed to an international study on physiotherapy for back pain. Educating employees in house with injury prevention has also been a pursuit.

Kelly’s continued professional goals include:

  • Creating an exceptional environment for patient care.
  • Serving the physiotherapy community through many professional committees with the College of Physiotherapy and The Manitoba Physiotherapy Association.
  • Kelly served on the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association’s board as Chair of The Business Affairs Committee from 2005 to 2013 and past Chair of the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association/Manitoba Public Insurance Liaison Committee.
  • Constantly pursuing knowledge and training in order to provide exemplary patient care
  • Contributing further to clinical research, to help further prove the value of physiotherapy. Please visit our Health Blog and "For Health Professionals" to review valuable articles demonstrating physiotherapy effectiveness.

Kelly enjoys cycling to work (from Easter to Remembrance Day) and recreation with his three children ages 18, 20 and 22. He also enjoys downhill and cross country skiing in MB and B.C. and summer time fun at Riding Mountain National Park with his family and partner Deana. Kelly has also continued to play drums with bands since age 12 (his drummer idol is John Bonham).

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