Active Based Rehab Programs

Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic offers active based reconditioning / rehabilitation programs for Manitoba Public Insurance and WCB claimants.

We have been serving southwest Winnipeg since 1979. We provide physiotherapymassage therapyoccupational therapy and rehabilitation services for sports, auto or work injuries, back or neck pain, or from surgery.

This program is suitable for patients: who have become physically de-conditioned following an injury due to a motor vehicle accident or work injury.This includes all categories of vocation from sedentary work to heavy physical work. The patient may be off work totally or ready for a modified duty program.

The goals of the program are to:

  • achieve an ability level that meets the physical demands of their employment
  • achieve an ability level that meets the physical demands of a progressive modified work program
  • achieve the best final physical ability possible

A tailored physical conditioning program is developed. The ultimate goal is to return the individual to their pre‑MVA employment.

Programs are developed with the following principles:

  • Tailored and customized programs for each individual
  • Supervised and graduated active based exercise programs progressing to various challenge levels.
  • Short and long term goal directed
  • Programs are structured to simulate work tasks and to provide therapeutic exercise
  • End goal is to return the patient to their previous work roles or ultimately as close as possible
  • Education is provided focusing on:
    1. Independent care of their condition
    2. Pain control and management
    3. Empowering the patient to take control of their condition
    4. Ideal body mechanics and how to use their physical abilities efficiently in a given work environment
    5. Improved posture and positioning at their workstation
    6. Health and wellness

Our physiotherapists are:

Corydon Physiotherapy provides:

  • Proven therapeutic techniques
  • No referral waiting times
  • Treatment based on the best evidence based clinical protocols for education and supervised exercise programs
  • Success based on proven clinical outcome measures, both subjective and objective. For example: Roland Morris Back Questionnaire and measured lifting ability
  • Comprehensive home programs and education
  • Early intervention and rapid referral process that improve outcomes
  • Reports with clear plans and work recommendations
  • Service to complement and support the roles of other healthcare team members and case consultants

Physiotherapists are primary care providers but we practice within the health care team model and communicate and recommend follow up with the physician, and all team members including case managers

Why Corydon Physiotherapy?

1. The experience of our practitioners: Our therapist team has over 80 years of total experience and the clinic was established 35 years ago. There is a legacy of principles and reputation upon which the clinic continues to build on. We have a range of staff experience and all are committed to continued education and consulting each other and others on the healthcare team.

2. Our results: At Corydon Physiotherapy, we studied 1100 patient’s data and questionnaires who received physiotherapy and some of the results are below:

  • The average number of treatment visits was 7. The most common range is from 3- 10 visits.
  • The most common number of days from the first to the last visit was 25 days.
  • 17% of patients reported their change in condition as completely better, 75% as much better and 8% as somewhat better.
  • 11% of patients were off work at the initial visit and 3% at discharge.

3. Our range of services include:

  • physiotherapy,
  • massage therapy,
  • occupational therapy and
  • rehabilitation for sports, auto and work-related injuries, neck and back pain, or surgery.

All of our Physiotherapists are trained in the McKenzie Method™. One is also certified in McKenzie Mechanical diagnosis and treatment™ (Kelly Milan).

Corydon Physiotherapy provides lower extremity biomechanical assessments with the assistance of the computerized Footmaxx ™ pressure and gait analysis system. Two of our physiotherapists are acupuncture licensed. We have an  At Home Service  for patients who are finding it challenging to leave the home. Please see our website for all services.

4. Our facilities: Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic is located in the Charleswood Medical Centre and the Rady JCC Fitness Centre. We have a spacious and well-equipped gym area for active based rehab. programs and therapeutic exercises (Total clinic is 3100 sq. ft.). And Our Rady Centre location has state of the art exercise equipment, a track and a pool.

Our fees are based upon:

Initial assessment: Patient time is booked for a one hour one on one assessment

Initial narrative report: 1- 2 pages typed, (Usual MPI/PT contract rate)

  • Report to clearly outline findings and rehab. program plans
  • Case manager to approve number of estimated visits

MPI Return to Work Form: filled out as required and may be used to supplement information in the initial report

Subsequent visits: patient in clinic up to two hours, up to 5 days per week

Reassessment appointment every two weeks

Narrative report every two weeks to a maximum of 1 page

Discharge assessment: Patient time is booked for a one hour one on one assessment

Discharge report: 1-2 pages typed, Conclusions and recommendations clearly outlined.

From the MPI return to work form guidelines July 2009:

“The funding that MPI provides should be sufficient in most cases in order to complete the RTW form. If not, then communication with the case manager with a rationale should be submitted for approval of additional funding. There is a provision in the contract with MPI to provide the hourly consultation fee for functional capacity testing. In many cases, the physiotherapist will require the use of specific consulting sessions to perform critical functional testing. Additional proper testing and time may be required to answer the questions properly and without risk of liability”.

Corydon Physiotherapy active based rehabilitation programs for MPI and WCB are appropriate whether the injury is work-related or auto-related.  Our physiotherapists tailor a treatment plan, including customizing  physical conditioning with long term solutions. Our goal is to provide a treatment plan to return the person to the best physical ability possible. 

Case Managers please call us for more information to book your claimant at 204 900 8250.