The Definitive Guide to Car Accidents: Injury Rehabilitation and MPI Claims

Filing an MPI claim? Perhaps your brain feels a bit like it’s melting with all the insurance jargon. Or maybe you just want to be prepared if you’re ever in a car accident.

Through this article, we hope to clarify some of this confusion, answer the most common questions about MPI claims, and help you prepare if you’re ever in a car accident. 

Let’s get straight to it.

What Does MPI Insurance Cover?

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) was created after extensive research and public hearings to provide an alternative solution to expensive and confusing private insurances.

Officially opening in 1971, MPI offers basic compulsory auto-insurance coverage. 

In 2004, the Manitoba government merged MPI with the former Division of Driver and Vehicle Licensing — putting insurance and licensing in the province all under one roof. This ensures that all licensed drivers are insured and all vehicles are registered and insured.

So, what does MPI actually cover? Does MPI cover stolen vehicles?

MPI covers vehicle accidents, thefts or vandalism, vehicle repair, injuries, and more. But let’s break this down a little further into injury claims, vehicle claims, and vehicle repairs. What will MPI possibly have your back for?

Injury Claims

Injury claims through MPI may cover injury rehabilitation, loss of income, medical and personal expenses, caregiver fees, ongoing impairments, and fatality claims. This way you can be compensated, no matter the circumstances.

At the same time, your claim must be approved by MPI to receive any of these benefits, which we’ll talk about in more detail in a later section.

Vehicle Claims

Vehicle claims may range from rodent damage, child car seat replacement, and vehicle collision claims to non-collision claims and glass claims. 

Vehicle Repair Claims

These MPI claims include paintless dent repair, alternate parts, direct repair, and more. MPI can further direct you on what to do when your vehicle has been written off.

Understanding MPI Claims for Car Accidents

Car accidents are scary. And if you’re ever in one, your first and primary goal should be to ensure the safety of yourself and other occupants in the vehicle. If it’s safe, you should then move your vehicle to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic.

Once these preliminary steps are completed, you should then talk with the other drive to exchange insurance information. MPI actually offers an Accident Report that can guide you on what information is required to file a report.

MPI recommends filing a report, even if there isn’t any damage. 

Contact the MPI Claim Contact Number to File a Report

In Manitoba, Winnipeg, call MPI at: 204-985-7000 to file your report. If you’re outside of Manitoba or Winnipeg, call 1-800- 665-2410. It can help to have this information in your car or cellphone so that you have it handy, if needed.

For this report, you will need:

  • Vehicle registration and driver’s license
  • Where, when, and how the accident happened
  • Other vehicle or driver details
  • Witness information

An adjuster is then assigned to your claim. They do a thorough investigation and determine who was at-fault.

Car Accident Injury Claim

What happens if you’ve been injured?

MPI is in place to help cover all economic costs associated with the car accident. The same numbers used to file a car accident claim can be used to file a car accident injury claim.

You may be directed to fill out various forms.

In extreme cases, MPI will cover income replacement, personal care, permanent impairment, and more relating to your car accident injury. 

Can MPI Suspend Your License?

Yes! But this depends. Fairly new legislation allows MPI to suspend your license if you are charged with a very serious driving offence. This means that you don’t have to be convicted to have your license and driving abilities suspended. 

Some examples of situations where your license would be suspended include DUI, street racing, and excessive speeding. 

How Long Do You Have to Make a Claim with MPI?

Usually, you have 24 hours to file your claim. However, you have two years to file an appealed claim. 

Typically, the sooner, the better.

MPI & Taxes

So, how will your MPI claim impact your taxes? What should you know?

Let’s take a closer look.

Is MPI Income Replacement Taxable?

Typically, income replacement isn’t taxable because they are a type of ‘wage loss replacement.’ However, it doesn’t state clearly on MPI’s website. If you’re ever unsure, it’s always best to contact MPI yourself. 

Who Pays Deductible If Not At Fault?

The deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance kicks in. If it’s determined that you are not at-fault, you are not responsible for paying this deductible amount. If you do pay the deductible and it’s later determined you’re not at-fault, you should get this money back. 

What Does Write-Off Mean?

‘Writing off’ your vehicle refers to situations where it’s simply not worth repairing your damaged vehicle. MPI will typically pay you the market value that you can put toward a new car as opposed to fixing the old one. 

Covering Your Injury Rehabilitation

So, what’s involved when getting compensated for your injury?

The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) by MPI will compensate all your treatment costs or economic losses. 

Your rehabilitation team, such as the Corydon Physiotherapy team, will recommend a treatment plan appropriate for your injury. From there, MPI will make a decision regarding how much they will cover or fund. 

PIPP will further cover any employment and training support, vehicles, special equipment, meal allowances, and more, depending on your specific injury.

At Corydon Physiotherapy, we are here to help you through this difficult time and to help you make a full recovery. Our team will work with you to devise an appropriate rehabilitation plan to submit to MPI. Let’s get you back to the activities you know and love as quickly and as safely as possible.

Book your appointment today by calling us at (204) 925-0380, emailing us at, or by using our self-serve online booking system.

Ernest Raymundo, MPT, B. Kin
Ernest Raymundo, MPT, B. Kin

Ernest graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Masters of Physical Therapy Degree in 2018 and a Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree in 2015. He's excited and keen to be part of our team. During the Physical Therapy program Ernest had the opportunity to contribute to the physiotherapy profession by taking on many leadership roles. Ernest was elected the Vice-President of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences Students’ Association in his first year of the program and President in his second year. He was also the student representative on the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association - Orthopaedic Division. As a life-long learner, Ernest plans to be certified in acupuncture by the Fall of 2020, and will be pursuing other advanced physiotherapy courses.

Ernest was inspired to become a physiotherapist after he sought physiotherapy services following a sports injury when he was 15. Now he wishes to help others return to the activities that they love, whether it is a return to sport, work, or activities of daily living.

Ernest enjoys lifting weights at the gym, biking at the park, and relaxing at the lake. He also enjoys snowboarding and skating in the winter. When he is not outdoors, Ernest can be found playing musical instruments, especially the piano, and he occasionally daydreams of his next travelling adventure.

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