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Hannah Badger, RMT, Massage Therapist

Hannah Badger recently moved back to her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2019, after graduating from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria B.C. and is excited to start here. Hannah has a passion for massage therapy, which is rooted in her passion for an active lifestyle. Hannah comes from a family of nurses, lifeguards, first aide instructors, it came naturally to her to help and care for others. This manifested into her passion in healing with touch while incorporating an extensive knowledge of anatomy, pathology, and different modalities. Hannah thrives for challenge, furthermore, researching and understanding new pathologies, and developing treatment plans and home care personalized for her patients. Her interest is most peaked by disorders of the nervous system such as, stroke, balance disorders, and nerve pinches. As well as pre-natal massage, and chronic injury. Hannah is trained with a wide range of modalities such as myofacial release, joint mobilization, passive and active stretching, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, Rood’s techniques and Swedish massage.