April, 2020 - .

April, 2020

Golf, Keeping you on Course!

Golf season is coming! Believe it or not golf is a physically demanding sport, and therefore golf injuries are very common. As an example, Tiger Woods had back surgery for an injured lower back disc. As physiotherapists, patients often say to us, "please help me, I absolutely have to get back on the golf course, preferably tomorrow".  No doubt Tiger will also have physiotherapy. The purpose of this article is to learn some common causes of golf injuries, and learn some injury prevention tips and warm-up exercises.

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Video Appointments (TeleRehabilitation) available

We are still offering appointments by video (TeleRehabilitation).

What are the benefits of a video appointment (TeleRehabilitation)?

No delays in getting treatment during the current Coronavirus precautions. 

A physiotherapist will gather important information both verbally and visually to be able to determine the problem.

Once the problem is identified, the physiotherapist can instruct on how to proceed with treatment at home. We can still help to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Heal faster
  • Improve with less or no medication
  • Learn how to treat a condition on your own
  • Understand a condition and learn there are no mysteries
  • Learn short and long term solutions for the [...] Read more