Video Appointments (TeleRehabilitation) Available

We are still offering appointments by video (TeleRehabilitation).

What are the benefits of a video appointment (TeleRehabilitation)?

No delays in getting treatment during the current Coronavirus precautions. 

A physiotherapist will gather important information both verbally and visually to be able to determine the problem.

Once the problem is identified, the physiotherapist can instruct on how to proceed with treatment at home. We can still help to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Heal faster
  • Improve with less or no medication
  • Learn how to treat a condition on your own
  • Understand a condition and learn there are no mysteries
  • Learn short and long term solutions for the problem

 How does it Work?

 1. New and existing patients can call us at (204) 925-0380, email us at, or by using our self-serve online booking system.

2. Patients download the Zoom application onto a smartphone, tablet, ipad , laptop or computer. Available from the App store or ( takes under 1 minute). If your downloading the app from the zoom website, a laptop, desktop or smartphone then scroll down to “Zoom extension for browsers”, or “Zoom Mobile apps” depending on your device.

 3. The appointment time is sent via email. Then a message comes to the patient via a text message or email ( your preference) to join the video appointment directly with a Physiotherapist on camera.

4. It’s easy, and especially easy if you’ve used Facetime or Skype before. ( Note we are only using Zoom)

 5. We will instruct on:

  • the proper movements and exercises to help heal the problem, and relieve pain. We can demonstrate on the screen, have the patient demonstrate exercises movements and posture on the screen and then send the exercise program via email with instructional videos and pictures.
  • how to use various treatments at home, for example heat, cold, a home TENS unit (Dr. Ho), TENS on acupuncture points, taping and bracing.
  • whether seeing a physician is appropriate and further testing, return to work issues, and many other questions and concerns.

 6. Physiotherapy is mainly about teaching people about their condition and how to manage it on their own. A lot can be achieved  through a video communication.

 7.Once a plan is developed the physiotherapist will recommend a follow up appointment by video as appropriate. The approach is very similar to in clinic treatment plans. Of course we will still answer email and phone questions any time.

 What about security and privacy?

 The Zoom application is secure and private and has high standards in that regard. For example, Facetime, Skype and Facebook applications are not recommended for security reasons. Sessions are not recorded at our end or at the providers end.

 What about payment and billing?

Our billing policies are the same as previous. We will send the details via email. We will direct bill insurance companies for video appointments. Some companies have already agreed to allow video appointments to be covered. ( Blue Cross, MPI, Maximum Benefits). There are going to be more to follow and we encourage you to call your provider to ask if TeleRehabilitation is covered. Patients are still responsible for their portions not covered.

 Please note that one of the best defenses for illness is a healthy lifestyle! (regular exercise, a clean nutritious diet, and quality sleep).

Our advice take a daily walk or cycle. The outdoors is safe as long as you practice physical distancing! Stay active however you can. Remember if you’re working from home to take a stretch break every hour. Find some helpful tips on our website, and watch for more health tips coming by email.

 If you’re having pain or cannot move well please contact us. 

Questions on the Coronavirus visit:  or

Garret Klos, B.Sc, BMR, (PT)
Garret Klos, B.Sc, BMR, (PT)

Garret graduated with his Bachelors of Physical Therapy in 2013 from the University of Manitoba. He has also previously obtained his Bachelor of Science also from the University of Manitoba.

Garret is trained in a variety of Physiotherapy techniques and believes above all that a treatment program should be tailored to the individual.

Garret enjoys staying active through recreational sports and spending time outdoors with his wife to two dogs.

Articles: 11

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