October, 2020 - .

October, 2020

In person appointments are available in a safe and comfortable environment.

Corydon Physiotherapy is open for in person appointments. We have ample space and square footage that exceed any spacing guidelines. You will be comfortable in our safe environment with private rooms.

This applies for Physiotherapy, Massage therapy and Nutrition coaching.

 We are providing in person service under the terms highlighted below:

1. All patients and staff are screened by questionnaire and are not allowed on the premises unless approved safe.

2. Stringent hygiene practices are in place for staff and sanitizing all touchable surfaces.

3. Distancing rules are in effect with the exception of the therapist and patient.

4. Therapists are working on an enhanced [...] Read more

Tech Neck, The E-Epidemic of Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced an achy/sore neck while working on a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet? If so, you are part of an epidemic. With the explosion of all forms of computers comes an "Electronic Epidemic of pain". It has been called "Tech Neck"...... 

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