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5 Winter Activity Ideas for Seniors in Winnipeg

Winter is upon us! 

As the cold weather continues and the snow begins to pile up, you might feel at a loss when it comes to winter activity ideas. Plus, the cold might not feel all that inviting.

Yet, there’s a variety of options to choose from where you can move your body and have fun. So, what are some winter activity ideas for seniors in Winnipeg?

1. Yoga

Yes, you can still do yoga outside! Bundled up and dressed appropriately, yoga is a wonderful way to move your body and the snow offers tons of cushion if you lose your balance. 

Yoga is wonderful for gaining strength and improving or maintaining flexibility, especially as you age. It’s also easy on the joints, ensuring your body stays in tip-top shape as long as possible.

Alternatively, you can also attend regular yoga classes throughout the winter at studios, gyms, and recreational complexes. Look up your local neighbourhood yoga class schedule and make plans to attend classes regularly. Your body (and mind) will thank you.

2. Snow Angels & Snow Forts

Grab the family (especially any grandkids!) and head outside for an afternoon of fun. 

You can make snow forts and snow angels with the kids. If you’ve got a bigger property, you may also want to make a fire to stay warm. As with any outdoor activity, you want to ensure you dress appropriately. This means wearing the proper winter boots to avoid falls. You can also apply salt to any slippery areas to limit this even further.

3. Walking

Walking is something that can be performed in any and all seasons. While you likely shouldn’t head out after freezing rain, you can still enjoy regular walks outside while, again, wearing a suitable winter attire and boots. 

And remember, every little bit counts! If it’s a little chillier than usual, it’s okay if you need to cut your walk short. The goal is to just get outside.

4. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing offers an excellent and low impact aerobic activity. Plus, it allows you to check out local trails. 

You also have so many options for this activity, including Beaudry Provincial Heritage Park, La Barriere Park, and Birds Hill Provincial Park. So, go ahead and do that leisuring hike with your friend or partner. This is one winter activity that is great for your body and a wonderful excuse to get outside, despite the cold.

5. Birdwatching

If walking or snowshoeing for the sake of walking or snowshoeing isn’t cutting it for you, you might want to mix in some birdwatching with these activities. Many birds spend the winter in and around Winnipeg, including grouse, hawks, woodpeckers, pigeons, crows and jays, owls, chickadees, nuthatches, waxwings, shrikes, sparrows, and finches.

The snow owl is known to frequent southern Manitoba in the winter, offering sights for many to see. 

So, grab that birdwatching book or guide and get out there. With few leaves on the trees, winter is one of the easiest times to spot these types of birds.

Find Excuses to Move and Get Outside!

The opportunities are endless. There are also many public skating rinks open in Winnipeg. If you choose this activity, make sure you have knee pads and helmets to protect yourself and your joints. 

At Corydon Physiotherapy, we challenge you to get more active this winter. If you’re not fond of the snow and cold, indoor activities are always a great second option.

Not sure what exercises you should be doing? We can help! Book your appointment today by calling us at (204) 925-0380 or by booking online.

Garret Klos, B.Sc, BMR, (PT)
Garret Klos, B.Sc, BMR, (PT)

Garret graduated with his Bachelors of Physical Therapy in 2013 from the University of Manitoba. He has also previously obtained his Bachelor of Science also from the University of Manitoba.

Garret is trained in a variety of Physiotherapy techniques and believes above all that a treatment program should be tailored to the individual.

Garret enjoys staying active through recreational sports and spending time outdoors with his wife to two dogs.

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