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Yoga Exercise Class

Yoga Winnipeg ClassesYoga is a mind and body practice which blends the basic principles of breathing and postural placement with stretching and relaxation. 

Our Yoga classes in Winnipeg will help individuals strengthen their core muscles, realign their posture and strive toward greater balance, flexibility and fitness. It's meant for all abilities and is also great for stress management.

Location: Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic, 3354 Roblin Blvd. at Elmhurst Rd.

When: classes are Monday and Thursday nights at 730 pm. and begin in Sept. and Jan.

Instructor: Cheryl Hnatiuk, OT

Internationally trained in Bali, Indonesia, Cheryl received her teacher training through the Los Angeles based YogaWorks. Cheryl's love of yoga emerged while obtaining her Master's degree in Occupational Therapy. 

Working as an Occupational therapist she recognizes the benefits a balanced, healthy lifestyle can provide in supporting wellness. She loves bringing this knowledge to her class through teaching yoga.

Cost: $9.00 per person per class when paying for a full block of classes.

Maximum 10 per class, minimum 8.

Please call to book or ask questions at 925 0380.

More About Yoga

Yoga is often recommended as a way for users to find peace and harmony in life, and while it can accomplish that goal, the practice may also provide significant physical benefits. Medical practitioners, for example, often see positive results when yoga is integrated into treatment for patients suffering from a variety of ailments.

Historically, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism all utilized some form of yoga as a means of attaining permanent peace of mind. Today, many practitioners realize that peace of mind is an important element of health, and recommend yoga as a therapeutic tool.

While different forms of yoga were part of everyday life in other cultures for centuries, the practice was first introduced to western cultures in the late 1800s. Popular practices adopted in western areas differed from some of the traditional practices of eastern practitioners, but still recognized the link between spiritual and physical elements of the body. Today, yoga is widely recognized as a tool to heal both mind and body.

What it Involves

Understanding how physical health is related to mental well-being is resulting in yoga being included in treatment plans for patients suffering from many ailments. Stress, asthma and high blood pressure are examples of issues seeing improvement. Yoga is comprised of three elements: exercise, breathing and meditation.

Current research supports the ancient philosophy that each of those elements is crucial to over-all health, making yoga an obvious choice as part of a holistic health plan.

Physiotherapists now encourage patients with sports or other traumatic injuries to practice yoga as part of their treatment plan. Our yoga classes in Winnipeg, for example, use meditation, carefully planned exercise and breathing to help patients heal faster after an injury.

A Great Stress Reliever

Stress is related to many health issues, and often complicates healing of physical injuries. Yoga provides individuals with a way to achieve stress reduction while, at the same time, developing emotional and physical health maintenance skills needed for enjoying long-term peace of mind.

Before starting any type of therapy, consumers should check with a medical professional to ensure they are healthy enough for the activities. Taking classes is a great way to begin actively practicing yoga, but take care to enroll only in classes with qualified instructors.