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At Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in the convenience of the home

At Home Physiotherapy Visits

Certain problems and conditions can stand in the way of an improved quality of life. A person may have difficulty with basic activities or enjoying time with family and friends due to:

  • Pain and stiffness from arthritis
  • Difficulty rising from a bed or chair due to back pain or weakness
  • Complications from a stroke, Parkinson's or other nervous system disorder.
  • Poor balance, unsteady walking, and lack of activity 

Seniors or people with more severe health conditions often have difficulty getting to a health care professional. Over time they may find themselves more isolated and caught at home in a vicious cycle of pain and inactivity, which causes more pain and less activity. Further complications can develop such as falls and deteriorating mental and physical health.

Corydon Physiotherapy "At Home" can help!  

    Our  physiotherapist will tailor a treatment program to each individual depending on the nature of the problem. We will work along with the patient, healthcare professionals and family when developing a treatment program in the home. We have experience in clinics, hospital and the home setting. Our special interest lies in helping people with nervous system problems such as stroke and painful conditions that limit mobility, like arthritis, back pain and joint problems. We use hands on therapy, supervised exercise, and provides other treatments such as heat and gentle electrical therapy.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce and eliminate pain
  • Move more freely with less or no medication
  • Patients are taught how to treat pain on their own
  • Quicken recovery after joint surgery
  • Learn to walk and move safely with confidence
  • Take control of the condition and learn long term solutions
  • Get back to pursuing life and live at your potential!

Corydon Physiotherapy At Home brings these benefits to people in the comfort of their own home. We work with adults of all ages including seniors.

Book an "At Home" session for you or a loved one today!

Corydon Physiotherapy at Home provides services to the southwest quadrant of Winnipeg and west Winnipeg including Charleswood, Tuxedo, St. James, Westwood, Riverheights, Crescentwood, Grant Park, Whyteridge, South Winnipeg,  Lindenwoods, and Headingley. 

Our services may be covered by insurance plans from organizations like Blue Cross and Great West Life. Claims can be submitted to them by the patient or their representatives. We do not bill private insurance companies like Blue Cross for home physiotherapy. We do direct bill DVA, MPI and WCB. 

Click here to download the patient information form and payment policies.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 925-0380.