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  • Video Appointments (TeleRehabilitation) available

    We are now offering appointments using video technology starting Wednesday March 25, 2020. (TeleRehabilitation)

    What are the benefits of a video appointment (TeleRehabilitation)?

    No delays in getting treatment during the current Coronavirus precautions. 

    A physiotherapist will gather important information both verbally and visually to be able to determine the problem.

    Once the problem is identified, the physiotherapist can instruct on how to proceed with treatment at home. We can still help to:

    • Decrease pain
    • Heal faster
    • Improve with less or no medication
    • Learn how to treat a condition on your own
    • Understand a condition and learn there are no mysteries
    • Learn short and long term solutions for the problem

     How does it Work?

     1. New and existing [...]

  • Exercise, Why Bother? 3 Types of Exercises to Help Improve the Body

    Why bother exercising?  “I’m too busy, I’m not fat, I’ve tried it but my back aches and my feet hurt.”  “I would like to exercise my right not to exercise”.  We have all heard these statements before, but maybe we can provide some exercise facts that will help motivate you or get you back on track.