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Snow Shovelling tips

Here is a short video demonstrating proper shovelling techniques (snow, gravel or soil ). Save a back injury and try these tips. Shovelling is an exercise and technique is important!

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Arthritis - Don't suffer needlessly

There are many different types of arthritis, however, the most common is osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis of the joints. Osteoarthritis is a very common condition treated by physiotherapists, however, a lot of people do not realize that successful treatment is available.

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Exercise, Why Bother? 3 Types of Exercises to Help Improve the Body

Why bother exercising?  “I’m too busy, I’m not fat, I’ve tried it but my back aches and my feet hurt.”  “I would like to exercise my right not to exercise”.  We have all heard these statements before, but maybe we can provide some exercise facts that will help motivate you or get you back on track.

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Heat or Cold? The Definitive Guide on How to Use Them for Pain or Injury.

Let’s stop the confusion. Please use the physiotherapy information in this article as your definitive guide to using heat or cold for an injury or condition.

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Tech Neck, The E-Epidemic of Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced an achy/sore neck while working on a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet? If so, you are part of an epidemic. With the explosion of all forms of computers comes an "Electronic Epidemic of pain". It has been called "Tech Neck"...... 

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The 5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a symptom caused (in most cases) by an injury in one or more parts of the spine. It can be located in the upper, middle, and/or lower back.

This article will talk about the most common: Lower back pain, also known as “lumbago”.

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How to Know if Your Back Pain is Chronic

How do you know what type of back pain you have? Read our article to find out if your back pain is chronic.

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Your Guide to Different Types of Back Pain

Back pain is a complex topic, as it refers to a part of the body where multiple structures are working together - learn more about the different types of back pain in this comprehensive guide

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Golf, Keeping you on Course!

Golf season is coming! Believe it or not golf is a physically demanding sport, and therefore golf injuries are very common. As an example, Tiger Woods had back surgery for an injured lower back disc. As physiotherapists, patients often say to us, "please help me, I absolutely have to get back on the golf course, preferably tomorrow".  No doubt Tiger will also have physiotherapy. The purpose of this article is to learn some common causes of golf injuries, and learn some injury prevention tips and warm-up exercises.

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How To Choose and Buy A Mattress or Pillow The Correct Way

Two of the most frequently asked questions from physiotherapy patients are “how do I choose a pillow,” and “how do I choose a mattress?” Mattress and pillow shopping is confusing because there are lots of choices, but once you understand what the pillow or mattress should be doing for you then it is less painful to choose one

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Workstation Treadmill - Walk While You Work


Are you sitting comfortably? Now brace yourself and you may want to stand because what comes next may surprise you. Sitting is making us humans sick, giving us pain, and literally killing us.

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Backs and Necks, What a Pain! The McKenzie Treatment Solution.

A person may have a "pain in the butt".  A McKenzie physiotherapist may discover that the problem is not the hip or "butt" creating pain, but it is a pinched nerve or bulged disc in the low back. The hip or "butt" area can be treated with massage, laser, acupuncture, etc and it will never get better because the problem is not there.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulators - Can They "Zap" the Fat Away?

Maybe you’ve seen these electrical devices to put on your body on the TV infomercials. The public is told that they can build and tone muscle and burn fat. You simply strap the device on your tummy, lay back and relax with a cocktail and watch the fat melt away. Yes, they work to stimulate muscle electrically and you will feel them tingling and making the muscles contract. But that is where the truth ends.

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Let's talk Physiotherapy at The Rady JCC Fitness Centre

Come meet us at our second location at The Rady JCC Fitness Centre Tues, June 2, from 830 am to 5 pm. We'll be in the lobby by the sports desk. Come try our computerized walking scan and posture scan. Its easy and very cool. Complimentary coffee, drinks and snacks served all day. Let's talk Physiotherapy and health and answer questions.

Winter Running in Winnipeg

Let's embrace our winters and show that we don't let our climate keep us on the couch or in the car. Running is one example of a great winter sport.  In this blog article I'll give  some tips with videos that can make a run more invigorating.........

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