Work Injury

Work related injuries are very common but also different for every person and in every work setting. They can occur suddenly like a slip or fall or they can build up over time with repetitive strain. Pain, aches, swelling and stiffness are the body’s most common warning signs and they should not be ignored. A vicious cycle can start between pain causing stifness and inactivity, which leads to more of the same. These problems get worse if you do not take steps to solve them.

The top six types of work related injury are:

  • Shoulder tendon and joint sprains
  • Low back sprains and strains
  • Hand tendon and joint injuries (repetitive strain and tendinitis)
  • Elbow tendon and joint injuries (eg. repetitive strain like tennis elbow)
  • Bone fractures
  • Low back disc injuries

What are our results?

Based on a study of 60 patients in 2001 at Corydon Physiotherapy who were off work and received physiotherapy, 40 of them (two thirds) had returned to work by the end of their treatment program. The most common length of a treatment program was 23 days. Many of the remainder required more gradual return to work programs or had completed their insurance coverage and preferred to continue a home program.

How to get started with the Worker’s Compensation board (WCB):

1.Call the Workers Compensation Board at 954- 4100 in Winnipeg as soon as possible. If you live outside of Winnipeg you can call 1-800-362-3340.

Visit the website below for all the information you will need to make a claim:

2. Be sure your employer reports the injury to the WCB within 5 days of the injury or within 5 days of letting your employer know about the injury. Employers can get more info at:

3.  Try to book yourself an appointment with Corydon Physiothearpy by calling 925 0380 as soon as possible. The sooner you begin treatment, the quicker you’ll heal and recover. The WCB may pay your time taken off work for physiotherapy. You don’t need a doctor’s referal, however it’s a good idea to book an appointment with your family doctor. They are an important part of the recovery and healing process.

Bring us your WCB claim number which will enable us to bill WCB on your behalf for treatment. WCB will pay for physiotherapy after your claim has been adjudicated and accepted. They will notify us in writing of your claim acceptance. You can call 954 4922 to check on your claims progress. WCB will pay for your initial visit regardless of acceptance or not. If you choose you may continue physiotherapy but you will be responsible for your account if the claim is denied. You may use private health insurance to cover you physiotherapy costs.

Don’t let pain stand in your way! Physiotherapy will help.

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