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Workstation Treadmill - Walk While You Work


Are you sitting comfortably? Now brace yourself and you may want to stand because what comes next may surprise you. Sitting is making us humans sick, giving us pain, and literally killing us.

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Snow Shovelling tips

Here is a short video demonstrating proper shovelling techniques (snow, gravel or soil ). Save a back injury and try these tips. Shovelling is an exercise and technique is important!

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Tech Neck, The E-Epidemic of Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced an achy/sore neck while working on a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet? If so, you are part of an epidemic. With the explosion of all forms of computers comes an "Electronic Epidemic of pain". It has been called "Tech Neck"...... 

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Your Guide to Different Types of Back Pain

Back pain is a complex topic, as it refers to a part of the body where multiple structures are working together - learn more about the different types of back pain in this comprehensive guide

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Let's talk Physiotherapy at The Rady JCC Fitness Centre

Come meet us at our second location at The Rady JCC Fitness Centre Tues, June 2, from 830 am to 5 pm. We'll be in the lobby by the sports desk. Come try our computerized walking scan and posture scan. Its easy and very cool. Complimentary coffee, drinks and snacks served all day. Let's talk Physiotherapy and health and answer questions.

Holiday Eating Survival Tips

Stuffing, Irish cream, frappuccino's, should you resist or........

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Cupping Massage Therapy Gains Popularity in Winnipeg

An ancient technique is finding  its place in the modern world of healing here in Winnipeg. Cupping massage.........

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Charleswood still has natural beauty!

Charleswood and southwest Winnipeg still has a pleasant natural appeal. We feel .....

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Inversion Tables: A Gimmick or a Helpful Health Tool?

I’m often asked if inversion tables are helpful for stretching and relieving pain or are they a fad or gimmick? The answer is yes, they can be helpful for neck, mid-back, lower back, hip or knee pain.

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